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Both the practice of Reiki, and working with crystals, can be recognised as an integral part of natural complementary healthcare for you and your whole family. I have successfully treated both people and animals, and am offering such therapies to all who seek it.

My aim is to make Reiki as accessible for as many as possible, so I aim to offer free treatments when out in the community, and volunteering with charities.

For peace of mind when trying distant treatments for the first time, I offer all new clients a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY promise. This means I only accept payment for the first treatment should you have felt benefit from it afterwards.

Reiki, Bristol Crystal Reiki, Angus Gordon, Bristol

Since July 2020, I have been part of a new national Reiki initiative, which supports frontline NHS staff cope with the stress of dealing with the Covid pandemic.


The UK based team, known as Reiki Medic-Care, was established on the back of successful clinical trials at St George's Hospital, London.


The aim is to provide much needed Reiki to doctors, nurses and paramedics remotely, at a time that's convenient for them.


On the strength of this initiative, I am now offering remote Reiki to all of my clients along side in-person treatments.

If you are a frontline NHS medic and wish to take advantage of the free Reiki service, please go to Reiki and submit your request.

Tel: 0773 161 7878   


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