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Come Fly with Me

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The following blog contains feedback from a client about how Reiki helped them overcome thier fear of flying.

Recently I was asked by a client to help manage their aerophobia ahead of a 12-hour international flight by ‘sending’ Reiki. Once safely back in the UK, the client wrote the following note:

“I recently flew to South Africa for a family wedding. Having suffered from an intense fear of flying all my life, I was extremely nervous about the flight, there and back. A friend suggested I seek help via Reiki, which can be sent remotely, so I approached Angus, who agreed to come to my assistance.

When I boarded the plane at Heathrow, I felt calm. At take-off, my long-suffering husband, who normally holds my wet, clammy hands (and has fingernail marks embedded in his palms to prove it) reported that this time my hands were dry, and I was extraordinarily serene. This happened also on the way back to London.”

As Reiki can ‘fly’ across the airwaves to reach those in need, sending it to the client was very straightforward. At the agreed time, I go into meditation and visualise the recipient receiving the help and support required.

So, no matter where you are, if you’re tentatively planning a summer vacation oversees, or may have put off a trip because of your own fear, why not try Reiki?

The small print (authors note): Bizarrely, I too have an immense fear of flying, so much so that I haven’t boarded a plane for 16 years. By practicing Reiki daily, focusing on the precept of ‘just for today, do not worry’, perhaps I too can be transformed?

The even smaller print: I have since booked an environmentally atrocious flight to Los Angeles. Wish me luck!

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