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From a Distance

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

I am sometimes asked by new clients who live around the world, how I can guarantee that Remote Reiki will work. I often think about this too; not whether it can happen, but how.

For those who may have had an in-person treatment before, the practitioner may have either placed their hands directly on the body, or in some instances held the hands just off the body, especially in those delicate areas.

In the case of the practitioner's hands being away from the body, does this count as Remote Reiki? Granted, the practitioner is still in the room, but there is a clear gap between the client. So then the question is, how far is too far in order for the Reiki not to work?

When I began to practice Reiki, I was taught a technique that enabled Reiki to be 'sent' over a distance. In order to ensure the students had a direct experience of this technique, the class was split in half and separated into two different rooms. Each student paired up with a peer in the other room and practiced sending and receiving Reiki. I can still remember being totally unsure what I was doing or how it could work. However, when it was my turn to receive, sure enough I began to feel the familiar signs of the energy flowing, just as if the student was standing behind me.

So if Reiki can travel from a practitioner's hands who may offer hands-off treatments in the same room, to students sending Reiki between two rooms, what's to say Reiki can't then travel between two homes, two towns or two countries?

Reiki results in the NHS
Significant results from NHS staff

Recently, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the NHS welcomed an offer by those in the Reiki community to support their frontline staff, such as Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics, with Remote Reiki treatments. If highly educated medical professionals are believers in the healing potential (see the published responses in the graph above), then surely that gives comfort to others too?

One explanation for Remote Reiki could be that the Reiki isn't actually travelling at all, could there in fact be a connection between the minds of the giver and receiver? Could there be other forces at play, ones that we are unaware of? Either way, science has a long way to go to try to keep up with Reiki, and all we can do in the meantime is trust the process works. I don't have the answers, and I doubt anyone can actually claim they do either, no matter how spiritually advanced they are.

To enable new clients to get the opportunity to try Remote Reiki without any misgivings, I deliberately do not ask for payment before or even after their first treatment. Afterwards, I ask the client to appraise the treatment, and if they felt they benefitted from it, they are welcome to offer to pay. I call this TRY B4U BUY.

As Bette Midler delightfully sings....

'From a distance

There is harmony

And it echoes through the land'

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