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Keeping It Underground

Today, I travelled right across London on the underground, as I had an appointment with a member of the Petulengro fortune-telling clan (see last photo).

As the trip was quite a distance for an out-of-towner, advice from my townie mother before I set out, was to change at Notting Hill Gate. Once on the train however, I passed the stop and stayed on for much longer than necessary.

Hurtling in the vague direction of my destination, my attention was soon brought to one of London's frequent homeless people walking up the carriage asking for spare change; they were desperate and in need of a shelter for the night.

As I never carry cash, I was just about to let the person pass by, until I noticed their hand - it was cut and had horribly swollen to a grotesque size (Ralph may be a tad exaggerated, but you get the idea).

I stopped the person and asked if they had a moment to sit down next to me so that I could do some Reiki on it. Without a second thought they agreed, and space was cleared so that they could rest their arm across my lap, much to the surprise of the other passengers.

I held their distended hand between mine, closed my eyes and began doing my Reiki thing. After a short moment, I felt their arm go heavy, and when I opened my eyes, I saw that they had slumped forward on the seat, verging on sleep.

A few stops along, I roused the person and enquired about their hand, making sure that they knew to seek a medical professional. They exclaimed that the pain had gone, and how the warm feeling of Reiki had begun to travel into their body.

With my hand on their back, the person seemed to brighten as we spoke; they even mentioned how a girlfriend long ago was once a Reiki practitioner, which was why they didn’t hesitate to let me treat them!

Reiki is so very accessible, even in unconventional surroundings, which is why it’s so effective for when one of life’s troubles comes your way. I do hope they found medical care and a warm bed that night.

P.S. I did eventually make it to the final destination to hear my fortune from Pets, alas I'm not going to win the lottery just yet!

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