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Let's Get Physical


I consider myself to be reasonably educated, considering the time I spent missing lectures at university, and able to blend into the general-public with similar lifestyle and interests, that is before the summer of 2017. At exactly midnight on a hot July evening I became aware that some of life’s mysteries were still waiting to be discovered, something that my previous 40 years hadn’t yet taught me. I started out on what some would call a journey of awakening, and now I found myself, some two years later, at Chris’s house attending a small gathering for the demonstration of physical mediumship.

Around the Table

Around the dining table, I was introduced to as normal people as you can expect, for those wishing to communicate with the dead! They ranged from a younger couple, the man appeared to be a normal chap you’d meet in the pub with his glamorous girlfriend, to a slightly older couple, probably retired and who reminded me of a typical set of grandparents. And then there was Chris, the warm and down-to-earth host, who had kindly set out place mats and drinks for all the guests. Soon after, we were joined by the medium, John, a quiet chap, who just happens to be an undertaker (which was the most surprising attribute of the group).

The conversation was amiable and nondescript; perhaps talking about the range of Chris’ cats that sat around us or ventured onto the table, or how the traffic was on our journey across Bristol that evening. A little later, Chris mentioned it was time for the group to move through to the room where John would be working.

Approaching the Room

I realise whilst writing my memories of the evening, that only until recently I would scoff at such musings, however what I’m about to recount is my personal experience and one which may not resonate with others. However, it happened, and, as a trained scientist, I don’t engage in making stuff up for ulterior motives.

Whilst standing next to John, I became aware of sensations on my body that could be described as feelings of swirling heat; I became light-headed and woozy as if I stood up too quickly. As the group processed to the room I again felt yet more heat, and what can only be described as ‘energy’ outside of the door.

Being a Guest Sitter

The room was of a reasonable size, at least large enough to fit ten or more people, and well made, considering it was a later extension to Chris’ home. There were comfortable chairs arranged around a larger ‘cabinet’ which housed a separate, larger chair for John to sit on.

As a complete yellow-belly, something I wasn’t expecting was that the window and door would be covered in dark material; we were all effectively shut into a sealed unit – did I sense a bit of apprehension and claustrophobia? Chris had me sit next to her, which was a comfort, as soon the lights were being slowly dimmed and my internal spook-o-meter was dialling up!

An opening intention was read aloud by Chris to set the proceedings, and soft music was starting to play. The guests all sat in silence awaiting whatever would be happening with John on the other side of the room.

Unexpectedly, during the introduction of the music, I began to feel heightened waves of heat and wooziness – similar to what I felt when I was standing next to John outside, but now the sensations were unmistakably my own and getting stronger. I remembered Chris saying that the evening could be stopped at any time should anyone wish, and I was 100% ready to tap-out even before John said "BOO!" However, I think Chris realised the predicament and so said a few calming words of encouragement in my ear, which settled me down and helped me find courage to continue.

I soon realised that I shouldn’t have been nervous, as the only spooky thing John was doing was talking in different voices, presumably from different spirit guides (here I refer to my earlier comments about me being ‘normal’ as I’m not a believer in fairies, unicorns etc). Yet spirit guides, or those who may have passed over, appeared to be communicating easily with those in the room via John’s own mouth. Some of the characters who spoke were highly intelligent and worldly-wise, so much so, that I tried to remember some of the messages being recounted for our benefit. Sad to say, my attention and memory isn’t perfect and so I’m at a loss as to what exactly was being mentioned in too finer detail, yet the evening was enthralling and educational.

Experiencing the Cabinet

To satisfy my own curiosity, I had the opportunity to sit and experience the cabinet, and John’s chair, for myself. As someone who now picks up on energy phenomena, I was interested to find that the area around the cabinet gave me an increased feeling of warmth – like stepping into a temperate glasshouse in Kew Gardens!

Chris is very experienced and knowledgeable in supporting people who are sitting in the cabinet, having started this venture some twenty years ago, and has sat numerous times a week, every week ever since, so I felt relaxed under her tutelage.

I quickly became aware that the feelings of wooziness gave way to becoming quite immobile, yet there is a recognition that I am still present within my own mind. Then my whole body began to gently shake, and I experienced more energy flowing through me into my arms and legs, which soon moved on their own accord! I remained conscious but transfixed in this state for what seemed like half an hour, whilst Chris was gently observing and offering words of encouragement to whomever she may have witnessed making an appearance.

Being a guest, or sitting in the cabinet, is quite something to describe, and perhaps it’s not for me to do so at length here, other than to suggest that if you’re wondering what life is really about, then perhaps you could venture along to one such evening and experience it for yourself.

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