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Reiki & Autism

Recently, I was asked to revisit a family with a child on the autistic spectrum, who was experiencing self-inflicted trauma.

The 'child', mute since birth, was soon approaching manhood and was self-harming in a distressing and painful manner.

Whilst they were aware of my presence in the room, they didn't engage, and instead used an app on their ipad to repeatedly ask for a biscuit from the mother.

As I stood behind the young man, I began to offer Reiki in a non intrusive way. As I wasn't making physical contact, I wasn't sure if the boy knew I was even there, as he was wearing noise cancelling headphones.

The peculiar thing about this treatment was soon after I started, they ceased asking for snacks, which they had done for well over an hour, and began to touch the screen in a different way.

The iPad was now saying "Love" and "Loving" repeatedly!

I was with the family for 2 hours, and during that time no such uplifting words were being produced by the boy with his talking app.

Could the change in his nature be a direct result of the Reiki experience he encountered, or just a coincidence?

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