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reiki medic-care

As a qualified practitioner, I have been selected by the Reiki Medic-Care team to support hospital-based, frontline NHS staff by offering remote Reiki. 


This national initiative, set up during the 2020 Covid pandemic, supports the wellbeing of hospital doctors, nurses and paramedics.

The service relies on the sole use of remote Reiki, delivered by competent Reiki practitioners, to highly trained medical professionals.

It is this type of initiative that is championing remote Reiki as a serious option of integrative, holistic therapy.

If you are a hospital-based, frontline NHS medic and wish to take advantage of the free Reiki service, please submit your request at the following link:  



An explanation of Reiki by Dr Ann Baldwin, Professor of Physiology, University of Arizona, US.

Reiki, Reiki Medic-Care, Bristol Crystal Reiki, Angus Gordon
Bristol Crystal Reiki, Angus Gordon
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