Bristol Crystal Reiki, Healer, Bristol


I work from home in Portishead, and at a second dedicated therapy space in Cotham, Bristol. I also visit clients' premises in and around the Bristol area, delivering my unique style of Reiki, which can be enhanced on request with therapeutic crystals. For those who live further afield, I can also work via remote connection at a specified time that's convenient to you.

My style of Reiki healing is predominantly hands off, as I prefer to work with the energy around a person when delivering treatments. Naturally, when using crystals I may need to place these at certain points along and around the body, however the client always remains fully clothed. 

I am also a qualified Advanced Crystal Practitioner and can provide dedicated crystal healing sessions to clients, either as a direct treatment, or remotely via use of crystal grids.


Traditional, private therapy sessions using a portable massage table

crystal therapy

Working with unique crystal energy via placement on and around the body to complement healing 

chakra balancing & alignment

Utilising a full body scanning technique to realign energy centres within the body

animal healing

Having an affinity for all animals, and why they may need our help, I am able to connect and communicate energeticaly with them to bring about understanding and healing