From September 2020, I shall be offering new and existing clients the opportunity to receive treatments from the comfort of their own home, by providing Reiki remotely. 

I am aware that this concept can be hard to comprehend, considering science hasn't witnessed time travel yet! However, from the many treatments I have already provided, and personally received, I can vouch for its efficacy. 


The remote treatments I provide are based on a satisfaction guarantee, whereby I only accept payment afterwards, if the new client has felt they benefitted from it.

Remote treatments are very convenient for the client. As there is no travelling involved, clients can relax longer after their treatment without needing to drive home.


I will explain the procedure before any treatment begins, and will provide feedback along with an opportunity to discuss anything that emerges for the client.

The Reiki treatment is conducted in real time, whereby the client and I are both working as we would be if in person. The duration of the session is half an hour. Any correspondence is undertaken outside of this time, giving clients the opportunity to receive Reiki for the full session.

Prices are £15 for 30 minutes.  

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