Angus Gordon

I am a fully qualified and insured Reiki master,  practicing the traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho system, that aims to reflect what was originally taught in Japan during the founder's lifetime.


I am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, which is a Government-backed, professional organisation, that was established to regulate complementary therapies. As a verified member, I am required to maintain the highest standards as a professional Reiki practitioner in the UK.


Prior to discovering Reiki, I studied environmental science at university, which was heavily reliant on peer reviewed proof of how and why things work.


However, in contrast to this, since raising a family, I have also been fascinated in aspects of alternative healing, having tried various other therapies.

I started to explore the benefits of Reiki since the beginning of 2017, initially seeking ways to help manage anxiety amongst my family. At the Reiki sessions, I became aware of how relaxed I was becoming just being in the presence of the practitioner whilst they were treating someone. This led me on a path of exploration, and I began to learn about Reiki and its natural healing qualities.

My love for Reiki, and working with crystals, rapidly sprung into life during an awakening in the same year, when I became highly sensitised to the energies arising from people, plants, animals and those associated with the Earth, such as ley-lines, sacred places and crystals. 

Having personally experienced the power of the Earth's energy, I began to work with highly beneficial crystals in my practice, to enhance the healing capabilities of my clients.


I have coupled my master practitioner training alongside successful treatments for myself, family members and pets. Since the start of 2018, I have begun to help others who are also seeking complementary restorative healthcare.

Angus Bristol Crystal Reiki
Angus Gordon CNHC registered

reiki lineage

I have been fortunate to study both the 'Western' style of Reiki, and deeper, master elements of the traditional, 'Eastern' Japanese lineage over an extended period. Whilst both similar in origin, they have afforded a broader understanding and knowledge of the complete system of Reiki, which I can now impart to you.


I have trained to master level with Frans Stiene, who is one of the world's leading authorities on traditional Reiki. I also continually enhance my professional development by attending courses with Frans and other highly respected leaders and authors within the international Reiki community.

In November 2019, I registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the governing body that maintains the highest professional standards for practitioners in the UK. Consequently, I am now able to offer my services within medical establishments such as patients within hospital, and to the wider public via general medical practices and GP surgeries.

Should you have an interest to get a deeper insight into the system of Reiki, then I can highly recommend the blog on the International House of Reiki website hosted by Frans Stiene and Bronwen Logan (click on the logo below).


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Angus Gordon
Angus Bristol Crystal Reiki
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reiki science

At the end of 2018, I was part of the first ever group of certified practitioners to have studied the science behind Reiki, with the international Reiki Master, Torsten Lange, Director of the Reiki Academy London.

The experiments, led by a renowned Swiss laboratory, showed that Reiki had the effect of turning ordinary tap water back to a more pure, spring-like state.

The remarkable experiments, some of which were conducted remotely between London and Switzerland, proved that remote Reiki has a dramatic affect on the water.

The fascinating photographs below show how the polluted, angular structure of the water residue changed in appearance to one with significantly less pollutants and a more pure, original crystalline structure.

As a large proportion of our body is made up of water, think of the beneficial effects Reiki can have on us!

Angus Bristol Crystal Reiki
Angus Bristol Crystal Reiki