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remote treatments

The remote treatments I provide are based on a satisfaction guarantee, whereby I only accept payment afterwards, if the new client has felt they benefitted from it.

While my main focus is on supporting clients with face-to-face visits, new and existing clients still have the opportunity to receive remote treatments from the comfort of their own home. This relaxing service is both for people and their pets.

I am aware that the concept of remote healing can be hard to comprehend, however, from the many treatments I have already provided, and personally received, I can vouch for its efficacy. In fact, Remote Reiki has been proven to be so beneficial that the NHS now accepts remote healing for its own frontline staff.

Remote treatments are very convenient for the client. As there is no travelling involved, clients can relax longer after their treatment without needing to travel home.

I explain the procedure before any treatment begins, and provide feedback afterwards, along with an opportunity to discuss anything that emerges for the client.

The Reiki treatment is conducted in real time, whereby the client and I are both working as we would be if in person. The duration of the session is half an hour. Any correspondence is undertaken outside of this time, giving clients the opportunity to receive Reiki for the full session.

Prices for remote appointments are £20 for 30 minutes.

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remote reiki benefits

Many benefits can be had from receiving remote Reiki.

After the session, clients have more time to relax in their own homes, and there are no concerns about who's been previously treated during this time of uncertainty.

As many of my clients become sleepy during a treatment, remote sessions allow them to fully relax, safe in the knowledge that they don't have to get up when the treatment has finished. 

Some other benefits include:

  • No need to pay if you feel that you have not benefitted from the treatment.

  • Be safe in your familiar, home surroundings.

  • Save time travelling to and from the treatment centre.

  • Opportunity to continue to relax after the session.

  • More time for you to continue with your day.

  • Reduced cost compared to in person treatments.

  • Receive your treatment wherever you feel most comfortable.

  • Play your own music, and set your preferred ambiance.

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