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animal reiki

Reiki, whether in-person or remote, can also be just as effective for pets and animals as it is for their owners. I have successfully treated animals in-person around Bristol, and remotely, both in the UK and the USA.

I have been able to support dogs, cats and horses with their healing journey, and have noticed increased enquiries by people seeking support for their pets since the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

An endurance horse was able to race further and harder than before whilst maintaining a relaxed heart rate, which impressed the owner.

A dog that was due to be put to sleep by the vets, due to a complex assortment of health conditions, was able to enjoy an additional 18 months of quality time with the family.

A cat that had suffered with a long surgery responded very quickly to a half hour treatment, after which it ate and ventured downstairs and into the garden, after having been convalescing for over a day in its upstairs room.  

Remote Reiki for pets and animals is very straightforward, and I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have about how this service works.

P.S. You'll have to excuse the long hair in the photo when I was with the endurance horses, my wavy style has since been cropped!

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Horses, Animal Reiki, Pet, Vet, Reiki, Bristol Crystal Reiki, Angus Gordon, Bristol, Equine, Equine Reiki
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