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Animal Magic

For those who don't know me, my family has amassed rather a large selection of furry beasts over the years, and we're now outnumbered 4 to 7 with various cats and our Labrador. This makes for very challenging mealtimes when hunting for the hidden feline hair on the plate!

Recently, one of our cats, Zen, as seen above midst Reiki, came home with an extra hole in his body. As it was quite a substantial injury we immediately called the vet, not realising it was late on Saturday evening. After discussing treatment options, much to our utter horror, we were considering how we'd be able to afford the £1,500 fee for out-of-hours surgery!

As my business doesn't turnover vasts amounts of money, our only choice was to turn to Reiki in the hope that it would be enough to get Zen comfortable over the weekend, so that we could see the vet on Monday during normal hours (and prices).

Zen isn't the most cat-like of cats, and never comes over for a cuddle, unless his food bowl is empty, so getting him to settle for a Reiki treatment was going to be a struggle. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I began hovering near him that he settled quickly and appeared to be having a lovely dream during his treatment.

I managed to Reiki him twice over the weekend. When we checked on him on Monday morning, prior to taking him to the vet, we were all flabbergasted as we really couldn't find the location of the injury, and had to search hard to locate it. My youngest daughter had another awakening moment of her short life; the look on her face was priceless - I think all doubt has now left her as to the efficacy of Reiki!

It turned out that the vet wasn't required, and neither was getting a second mortgage, which ever so pleased my wife. The gory 'before' and angelic 'after' pictures are shown below for the non squeamish.

If you have an animal in need, my advice is to seek professional advice and treatment, however a dose of Reiki alongside may be magic!

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