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Between a Mallet and a Sharp Place

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Bristol Crystal Reiki

Last night I returned home to witness sheer panic on my family’s faces; whatever could be the matter?

Half of the family are feline so it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise when a furry present has been lovingly placed at our feet, however on this occasion the present was still moving (just about).

It turns out that the matriarch, Rosie, who surely must be too old and plump to still be an effective hunter, was proudly showing off her latest triumph to the horrified humans, a slightly mangled sparrow. (For those eagle-eyed readers, the actual cat in this blog is Zen, our new kitten).

Normally on these occasions I reach for a pair of stout boots or hammer to put an end to suffering, but since I’ve learned Reiki I now have an alternative option at my disposal.

I gently picked up the sparrow and held it between my hands for about five minutes, sending Reiki all the while. My hands became quite hot and I soon noticed the sparrow began to shiver.

We then placed (Jack) sparrow into a cardboard box to recover fully overnight, but before putting him to bed, my daughter and I sent more Reiki to our new houseguest. What’s really interesting is that my daughter is only 12 and hasn’t been initiated into the natural healing system of Reiki, yet can quite happily and effectively follow my lead and intend for healing to occur, because Reiki is an innate ability we all possess.

In the morning my daughter and I took the box outside and carefully opened the lid. Jack hung around just long enough to pose for a photo before zooming off to find a cat-free garden to live out the rest of his feathery days.

Having the ability to use Reiki for little emergencies is a wonderful gift, and gives alternative options to consider when facing one of life’s crises.

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