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Blooming Psychic

During an impromptu game of Flower Pots with my daughter, I felt as though I had a little inside knowledge passed on from my friends from the other side.

The aim was to create a plant with leaves and a flower on top. However, neither of us could see the images on the cards, as they were spread out face down on the table.

Rules were, if you put a flower before reaching the top of the plant you lost the points, but there was no limit on how many leaf cards you could choose.

I managed to create 2 out of 3 correct plants, from a total of 30 randomised cards, 6 of which were flowers. I think there's a probability that this could occur naturally, with 20% of the cards being flowers. However, I definitely felt sensations which I interpreted as 'pick this card' and 'stop!'.

My daughter was quite impressed, and surprisingly didn't call me out as a cheat either! Maybe a trip to a Las Vegas casino is required to hone these skills?

Excuse the red nails; it was Christmas and they matched perfectly with my outfit!

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