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Christmas Cheer

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

I often hear new practitioners wondering how to promote their business, especially when just starting out, as this can be daunting when entering a new market without the skills in sales or advertising.

From my own experience, I have found actively supporting the local community very beneficial, not only to me but also the people I interact with.

At this time of year, many community groups are holding their Christmas Fayres, most notably schools, who are looking to raise vital funds.

Offering simple, seated Reiki treatments at a market stall not only raises your business profile, and engages local people, but it also builds your experience of dealing with a diverse demographic range of the public.

Most importantly these events can help build your knowledge of the experience of Reiki with many different people, of different ages and health concerns, over a short period of time.

Personally, I like to offer Reiki to community groups over the whole course of their event; on occasions I have worked for several hours at a time with no detrimental effects. Space is not an issue, as without the full set-up of a massage table to worry about, I only require two chairs.

I offer 15 minutes of seated Reiki, focusing on the head and shoulder areas of individuals, and ensure a first come first served system to avoid any unnecessary complication with booking forms and having to stick to certain time-slots. To counteract any distractions during the treatment, I offer people the opportunity to listen to music played through headphones.

Over the years I have met some wonderful people, many of whom hadn’t tried or even heard of Reiki before, yet were left with a lasting and good impression of the benefits of Reiki, even if it was just a quick boost on the day.

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