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Crystals are Crap, aren't They?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Ever since I had a mid-life awakening, I'm seen as even more of an oddball in the family, and amongst the friends I have left! Even my Reiki teacher scoffs at my interest in crystals. However, today I had the wonderful experience of witnessing the power of crystals for the second time.

I had taken my 14 year-old Aspie (on the Autistic spectrum) daughter to Glastonbury as a wee treat, since it was nearly Christmas and I fancied a midweek trip out - my first for many, many Covid-convalescing months.

Near the end of our brief experience of Glasto (we saw a brightly coloured wizardess wafting along the high street, and overheard a conversation about ghosts and past-lives whilst sipping milkshakes in the cafe, as you do in this town), we ventured into one of the dozens of crystal shops nearby.

My daughter and I weren't looking for anything specific, rather we were just perusing the various displays and cabinets crammed with a myriad of shiny things. It wasn't long before we reached to open one of the expensive display cabinets, that usually I'm not allowed to go near, as my daughter wished to see a tiny crystal with a huge price tag! (it's the small blue dot in the photo).

Whilst my daughter was admiring the blue spec, I was busy selecting my own keepsake and was quite unaware of the changes taking place just inches from me. After a short while, I turned to see how she was, and became aware that a wave of sadness was rising from my tummy - I almost cried (in a manly way). I also noticed my daughter was looking very forlorn, with tears rolling and a very furrowed brow. 'What's up?' I asked, and she then proceeded to tell me of all the sensations she experienced whilst she was holding her crystal.

My daughter exclaimed, 'I felt really hot for a moment, then I became anxious and then... BOOM out of nowhere I was crying!' I knew this was another quite remarkable experience for her, as I stood holding her for a while to give her the support to keep being in the moment of surrender to the energy.

This wasn't the first time she had a strong reaction to a crystal, as several years ago I had once again dragged her to a crystal shop. That time she felt heat and rising panic, which was visible to the shopkeeper and me, only after we stopped chatting and turned our attention to the red child standing next to us! The peculiar thing was, as I removed the green dioptase crystal from her hand, she perked up immediately, and when I placed it back in her hand she went red and sweaty, rather like turning a switch on and off!

So, the main point of this piece is to say that if a child who's not really into woo-woo can have such reactions to rocks, then surely there's got to be something in it that we're not tuned into, or choose to dismiss as nonsense?

As with all things spiritual, seek the direct experience, put to one side what you may have been told or have read in a book, and see for yourself.


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