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Dreams Can Come True

This morning I woke to a curious message on my phone, it was from a friend who wrote, 'Can you send me your bank details please?' Naturally I wondered if this was an early Christmas scam!

A few weeks earlier, I woke from a vivid dream about what appeared to be a company filing system on a laptop, something beneficial happening and a strange sounding name. It was a peculiar name, so although it was 2am, I turned to my trusty friend, Google, straight away to look it up before I forgot. Then I got a sense to share this random dream with an old school friend, which I did in the best way possible, given that I hardly had much detail or message to give.

Turns out the text was from my old pal, who had a successful stock-market punt on the company, and now wanted to share the dividends with me as a thank you.

I can only count a handful of times where I've had such a dream during which I felt a message was being conveyed. However, the first time I remember it happening, in my early twenties, I didn't know to act upon it, much to the detriment of my cat!

I had left home to visit my parents over Christmas one year, and inadvertently had shut one of the local stray cats in my bedroom. I can clearly remember dreaming of the Ginger Tom stretched up at the bedroom window meowing to be let out. A week later, when I returned home, my neighbour mentioned how he had to let himself in as there was a cat stretching up at the window. Needless to say, the bedroom was never the same again after that, and it taught me to always act upon dreams!

Not every dream will be significant, but on the occasions where you might find yourself awake after having a particularly strong or vivid dream, perhaps take a moment to lie in that space and see if anything comes to mind. You never know, it could save you a huge cleaning bill!

As the Dreams songwriter, Gabrielle, says:

'Dreams can come true

Look at me babe, I'm with you

You know you gotta have hope

You know you gotta be strong'

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