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Reiki - A Cat's Eye View?

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Today is International Cat Day, and what better way to showcase their talents than to allow them to explain Quantum Entanglement!

The more I try to understand how Reiki works, especially my remote treatments, the more I get drawn into the field of Quantum Mechanics.

Einstein was equally bamboozled, who coined the phrase 'spukhafter fernwirkung', which translates as 'spooky action at a distance', when trying to get his own head around the idea.

Nowadays, with the rapid advancement of science, it has been proven that the spooky action Einstein was referring to is actually science fact, which has led to physicists looking at ever more weird and wonderful effects of the micro-energetic level.

I find the proven implications of Quantum Entanglement could be a valid explanation of energy transfer during a remote Reiki treatment.

This short cat video (courtesy of Josh Samani) may help get your head around it too.

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