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Reiki - it's not for men!

I recently had a young, burly builder carry out some remedial work at home. As sometimes is the case, the topic of Reiki came up, not that I had initiated the conversation - it transpired that he saw it on my Facebook profile.

One evening after he had finished working on the house, he asked to have a quick taster session to see if my 'healing hands' were real or not.

As my Reiki Room was out of action, we headed to the kitchen, although it was in a bit of a state, and my daughter was accumulating garden snails in a plastic pot on the table! Nonetheless he sat down (not trusting me enough to close his eyes just yet) and I hovered my hands above his head for a few minutes.

A short while later he exclaimed that his head felt hot and that energy had travelled down his spine. At this point we stopped and chatted briefly about what had just happened.

When I asked if his grandfather was in spirit he took notice, as he confirmed that they'd only just passed away a few months earlier. When I relayed an unexpected, highly specific message I received from the grandfather, the builder sat up even taller!

I love short, informal seated Reiki sessions as there is no expectation for any of us - either you feel something or not. That's OK. However, when you do feel something that you weren't expecting, then that's mind blowing.

I hope this young burly builder (who's doing a really fantastic job) continues to contemplate and explore the wonders of life.

Who says Reiki is just a girlie thing anyway?

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