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You're Grounded!

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Back in June 2017, and soon after I experienced a heart-opening (which lasted for several weeks) I felt the need to visit the local stone circle, just south of Bristol, Stanton Drew, with daughter in tow.

At the time, and even now to an extent, we weren't your usual visitors to such a place, renowned for sacred rituals and midnight goings on, so we were pleasantly surprised to get a spontaneous rendition by two didgeridooers!

As we made our way among the various stones that stand, slump or have totally succumbed, I began to feel a vibration within my chest, which felt rather like a giggle that was attempting to tickle its way out. I drew nearer to some of the larger standing stones, and soon began to feel the energy travel up and down my legs.

I'm sure, as anyone who has visited megalithic sites before, you'll be drawn to reach out and touch the surface of these ancient markers and look up in amazement, as I did that day. What I wasn't expecting was the sensation that met my palms - it was as if the rocks were magnetic and were pulsing out a gentle, yet invisible, energetic force!

After half an hour, or thereabouts, of playing with the energy from the stones, and confusing my daughter with many surprised outbursts, I began to feel slightly nauseated and increasingly dizzy. Although I wasn't aware why, I had the inclination that it was time to head home.

Having spent time in the following months learning to meditate and centre myself, I now realise how important grounding is to all of us, whether sensitive to unseen energies or blissfully unaware. There are many helpful, guided videos available on line these days, but I tend to align with those that are simple, easy to remember and quick.

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