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The Anaesthetist Will See You Now!

This week I had been rather under the weather, suffering with a seasonal case of Man Flu. Then on Saturday I received a message from a potential new client asking to see me!

My first instinct was to turn down the request, as I simply wasn’t fit to see people due to a lingering sniffle and tickly cough, so unfortunately I did. Then I thought about sending a treatment instead, so I got back in touch with the person and offered them the opportunity to still receive Reiki, but without me hovering too close.

They agreed, and at the set time later that day, I got comfortable and performed my Reiki treatment on the person. At this point I had no idea who they were or where they were located, other than they were at home.

An hour later I sent a text just to check if all was well with the client, and received a thumbs up, and the response “I fell asleep!” along with a request to ‘see’ me again.

When performing Reiki remotely, I often get the same response from clients, which goes to show that Reiki can be just as effective even when the practitioner isn’t 100% fit themselves (although I don’t recommend snotty face-to-face treatments)!

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