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The Hills Have Eyes

I recently attended a mediumship development workshop, hosted by the acclaimed Dominic Boag, to practice my connection with spirit. As I'm still relatively new to this, I went in with an open, but still slightly sceptical mind.

The workshop had practical exercises to perform, and it was during the second one of the day that I was suddenly struck by a realisation that I can ditch my scepticism, after I was given the message, "The Sound of Music".

You may be thinking 'what's so significant about Julie Andrews?', and I would be too, however, this was the third time in a few weeks that I had been given this exact same message, two of which were during back-to-back exercises in the workshop. To make it even more remarkable is that all three of the messages were given totally independently by three separate, unrelated people during 1-2-1 sessions.

What's even more bizarre is that this 1965 musical isn't synonymous with men my age, but instead more suited to women of my mother's generation. For a developing medium to have the confidence to relay the name of such a female-philic film was testament to their trust in spirit, not mine. It could be likened to me mentioning to a female millennial 'Kojak'; they may look at me with even more of a quizzical look than I already receive, for it's totally out of keeping with the times and their mindset.

I contacted my mother, once the workshop concluded, to see if the old film title resonated with her or my grandmother, but she also drew a blank, as no connection could be made. Then, early the very next day, I received a text back from my mum saying, 'Angus - they're talking about the Sound of Music on Radio 4 this morning!!! What's going on?' When I asked her what the show's theme was about, she replied, 'Some woman saying how the whole concept of helping others is up-lifting.' 'There you go', I texted back!

In the words of Kojak himself, I end the ramblings with his catchphrase....

"Who loves ya baby!"

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