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To Meet by Destiny

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

So what's with all this mumbo jumbo about universal guidance and synchronicity, what happened to good old fashioned fate or purely to utter 'that's amazing, I didn't expect to see you here!'? Well, only until last year I would have thought the same, that was until Reiki bumped into me one day.

There have been many inexplicable occurrences of meeting people I have only just thought about, or have kept bumping into in very random places where no two people should really be. However my latest experience of bizarre fate happened just recently; which set pen to paper.

I had ordered a set of calligraphy prints from a studio in Japan, but for some reason they would not ship to the UK. No matter I thought, as I had an old acquaintance who lived in New York, who I knew would have no trouble in forwarding on the package. Naturally they obliged and would have the prints sent later that week - no worries. Great! I waited eagerly.

Later that week, I was told by my old, reliable acquaintance that a mutual, unreliable friend of ours was planning to call in on their way from Los Angeles to London, and would make a good personal delivery assistant, rather than risking the postal service. It was at that point I gave up ever thinking I'd see the prints. However, it began to dawn on me that something was occurring in the universe and that I should wait and play this out.

Some months earlier, I had a lucid dream, during which I consoled another very old school friend, whom I hadn't seen in 24 years. It was so vivid and compelling, that I had to call them the very next day to see if they were OK. I suppose they were a little surprised in the fact that the first time in over two decades I call out of the blue and say 'I dreamt we cuddled last night'! Naturally, they were polite, made small-talk, along with their 'I'm a little busy at the moment' excuses and hung-up. (It was Ramadan so, in hindsight, I think they may have had a point).

So how is calligraphy, New York and old friends now linked to Ramadan? It's not, or maybe it is - keep going with me on this one.

It just so happened that I was to go to London, to attend a Reiki course, at the same time that my unreliable old acquaintance was to be there too; bearing in mind that I hadn't seen them in nearly 7 years. We did actually manage to meet at almost the exact time we agreed upon, give or take a few hours, plus they had all the calligraphy prints too, undamaged (this is a big improvement in their reliability).

So that's one tick in the box for fate, or is it?

The very next day, I get a call from my Muslim school friend asking that we meet, and how soon could I be in London to join him for a drink! I was there right now, so we agreed to meet that very evening. Tick two.

Naturally, when meeting an old friend whom I haven't seen in 24 years, the conversation soon got onto 'let me tell you about Reiki'. We drank, caught up and agreed to try out a distance Reiki treatment the following week. (For those who don't know, Reiki can be sent to a client without the practitioner being present).

I'm writing this blog the day after the treatment, and am pleased to say that my friend went spark-out as soon as the distant treatment began. I only knew some three hours later when they woke up on the sofa, thought 'what just happened?' and sent me a text at 12:45 in the morning.

So, if you're still with me, the point is that if I hadn't ordered the calligraphy prints, I wouldn't have met two of my old, dear friends whom I've hadn't seen for many years, and Reiki wouldn't have found its way to one of them (I'm still working on the other).

The print I ordered, is proudly on display at the beginning of this blog, its title is................

To Meet by Destiny

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