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What's Eating Angus Gordon?

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

I recently attended a healing group which left me quite puzzled after receiving my treatment.

On getting up from the couch, the practitioner remarked that they had 'removed someone else's energy' from my stomach, and they had kindly 'replaced' it with 'good energy'.

Wow! I was feeling just fine before the class, but now I was left thinking what was inside me? What if the energy was doing me good and now it's been taken away?

These statements from well-meaning practitioners can be an unwelcome distraction to what should be a pleasurable experience.

My view is that Reiki is supremely simple and effective enough not to have the practitioner getting in the way. There's nothing the practitioner needs to do but to be there for the client to support their own journey.

Should you also find yourself puzzled at the end of a treatment, perhaps you need to find an authentic practitioner?

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