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The Eyes Have It

You may have heard how Reiki is a hands-on alternative therapy used for healing, but did you know that it's original primary focus was to develop the practitioner, not the client?

For the last 16 months, around the time of the first Covid lockdown in March 2020, I have been in need of support, due to picking up Long Covid, and then a year later having to undergo eye surgery.

I was confident that my mastery of Reiki would ensure that Covid was no more troublesome than a bout of flu, and that I could fix the issue with my eye without the use of a scalpel. How wrong I was on both accounts!

I found it difficult to practice Reiki on myself when faced with sickness so debilitating that even remaining bedbound was a challenge.

During some of the most difficult moments of the viral infection, I found myself surrounded by an overwhelming sense of calm, despite moments earlier thinking things couldn't get any worse. Was this my body shutting down, or was Reiki somehow able to bring peace during the peak of symptoms?

It's now summer, and I'm feeling more alive (and can see in widescreen) so have taken a moment to reflect back on what I've learnt over this period. I am now even more determined to continue developing my Reiki practice so that when trouble strikes again, I will be in a stronger position to calmly face and go through it.

This prolonged period of healing and introspection has taught me that pain, sickness and unfamiliar changes are a part of life that we needn't hide from, and that I'm extremely grateful to have the practice of Reiki in my life.

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1 Comment

Jul 24, 2021

Hi Angus, So sorry to see that you have been so unwell. So very glad you are on your road to recovery and startint to feeling better. Karen S

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