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I was recently contacted by a new client who had seen my services advertised on Google. She had a cat who had undergone dramatic and lengthy surgery to remove its teeth, due to complications associated with kidney disease.

As she was local, I was able to visit her at home that same afternoon, which really helped put the owner's mind at ease, as she was rather concerned for the wellbeing of her Russian Blue cat.

The cat had been up in its room convalescing since returning from the vets the day before, not eating or wandering around. When I arrived I spent half an hour with the cat, after which I went down stairs to chat to the owner and have a cup of tea. Immediately, we both noticed that the cat had gotten up out of his bed, walked across the hall to eat some food and wandered down stairs. This excited the owner somewhat, and even I was surprised by the rapid change in disposition. The cat subsequently ventured out into the garden and showed an interest in his surroundings, before coming back in again after a few minutes to eat some more food!

The clients' partner was sceptical of Reiki, but was happy enough to chat to me while we watched the cat in the garden, and I think even he may now have less doubts about the efficacy of animal Reiki.

I followed up with the client much later on that evening to check on how their cat was doing, and received an excited text saying, "He is so much better!", along with a request to treat another cat belonging to a neighbour.

I'm just about to add to yesterday's treatment with a remote Reiki boost, which I can share with the cat from my home. How purrfect is that?

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